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Chinmaya Mission Boston is pleased to offer spiritual discourses by Sri Gaurang Nanavaty ji of Chinmaya Mission Houston on Bhaja Govindam.

Bhaja Govindam:

In this exquisite piece of poetry, Adi Sankaracharya indicates the goal of realization and describes the path to be taken. He also reveals the causes of human misery and warns us of the consequences of continuing the present egocentric living. In the opening verse, Sankara says “Bhaja Govindam, Bhaja Govindam, Govindam Bhaja Moodamate, Samprapte Sannihite Kale Nahi Nahi Rakshati Dukrinyakarane “. Meaning – Seek Govind, Seek Govind, O Fool! When the appointed time comes (death), the rules of grammar surely will not save you.

Gaurang Nanavaty ji:

Since 1982, Sri Gaurang Nanavaty has enriched the Houston community with the treasured scriptural knowledge of Vedanta. As early as in 1979, the Gaurang ji, inspired by Gurudev, gave up his professional career and immersed himself in an intense study of the Hindu scriptures during the Vedanta Course at Piercy, California. After that, his commitment to the Vedantic path of life took deep roots in Houston. In more than three decades since 1982, his loving guidance has grown to nourish the scriptural learning and cultural growth of almost a thousand families.

Discourse Schedule:

Friday, April 19, 2019 – 7 to 8:30 PM

Saturday, April 20, 2019 – 9 AM – 10:30 AM and 11 AM – 12: 30 PM

Sunday, April 21, 2019 – 9:20 AM – 10:30 AM, and 10:40 AM – 11:40 AM


This event is free and open to all. Prasad will be served on all days.