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Chinmaya Mission Boston Seva Group

Mission Statement:

Bringing the principles of Vedanta into practice through service to the community and thereby creating a sense of oneness that promotes our spiritual growth.


  • Put the principles of Vedanta into practice by applying it to everyday life and helping people in the local and global community
  • Help the “doer” develop spiritually by practicing Karma Yoga through Seva
  • Develop a true sense of community within Chinmaya Mission Boston (CMB) by creating opportunities for members to work together for a common cause
  • Develop areas of activity that will (over time) allow everyone in CMB to perform Seva


  • Monthly food service for Lowell Pathfinder and Lawrence Daybreak soup kitchens
  • CMB – Project Hardship Support. For details, click here
  • Partnering with various organizations like Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development (CORD) to provide service at community, national and global levels
  • We are interested in your ideas on community service, please send email to .