CHYK Youth Movie Night – Feb 2018

-By 10th grader, Riya Sharma.

“The Blindside” was a movie which related to our lives in many ways. Being a minority in my teenage years, this movie describes very prevalent topics such as; peer pressure, isolation, and race. After watching the movie, and forming a circle with teenagers of the same race as me, these topics of the movie really opened a variety of questions and opinions to discuss.

For example, we discussed what we would do if placed in a situation like the mother in the movie. Many said they would do the same as the character in the movie, however many students elucidated a sense of distrust, as we have been brought up with notions of “stranger danger”.

With some of these opinions being discussed in the room, we connected this extreme situation, with not only our lives but to the lessons we have learned in Chinmaya as well. Would it be considered our dharma to help a child in need? Many students in the circle agreed that it would be our moral responsibility to aid to a child when we are able to help, whereas others were describing some sense of distrust, fear as mentioned before.

Many students related with the racial theme of the movie. Having grown up in a strictly Indian family, majority of the students felt as though if they had chosen the path of helping the child in need, their families and relatives would not accept this grand gesture as kind, but moreover as ignorant, or unintelligent.

Having talked about all these pressing topics, I feel as though the students of Chinmaya gained a sense of perspective.

Movie Night Clip