Devi Retreat 2018

Devi Retreat – ”Welcome hOMe” was a fun-filled overnight event attended by more than 50 women, “Devis” from the Greater Boston Chinmaya Mission centers as well as non-members.

It started with watching “Peaceful Warrior” – a movie with a storyline aligned with Vedantic teachings.  The next day started with a yoga session, meditation and learning about the Self: Our OM, our home. Some of the topics featured were such as:

  • Can we drop our lower nature and selfish desires?
  • How do we handle negative emotions that drain us?
  • How to replace worries/anxious thoughts?
  • How we train our minds?

We focused on “dropping and picking up” – the most common part of our day-to-day life and the importance of taking “Time Out“ for ourselves. The take home message was that several things help to make our homes a place of love and peace:

  • Prioritizing activities
  • Watching your speech, breath and mind – Being in the NOW
  • Finding your Svadharma – There is only ONE YOU!
  • Japa, Satsangs (Sravanam), Contemplation (Mananam), Meditation (Nidhidhyasanam)

The retreat ended with small group discussions about solutions to different life situations, doing Japa and of course, delicious food and Prasad. Attendees thanked Acharya Dr. Shashiji for an engaging session and a wonderful time.