Just a Minute – by Swami Chinmayananda

Please understand that even if we happen to be lucky enough to be at the feet of the greatest Master, that Master can do nothing to any one of us unless we are ready to move in His direction and become one with the Divine.

If you want a Guru, what you have to do is to stay right where you are. Each of us is getting the right atmosphere and environment for our evolution. Don’t try to be more intelligent than universal intelligence – stay where you are and start opening up !

“God never helps” – forget all about it. If you accept that there is a God who helps some people and doesn’t help others, He becomes a sultan in the sky. God is not a tyrant ! God is not a petitioner of favours ! To the extent you open up your heart, to that extent He is available. He is like the sun – impartial. The sun is sunlight, God is God’s grace, they are not two. The sunlight is flooding the entire country but in your room there is no light.

Why? Because you choose to keep the curtains closed. If you open the curtains then impartially the sunshine will enter.

Your own intellectual understanding can pull you nearer to the Truth. When the fascinating beauty of the Infinite Beatitude comes, it naturally sucks you unto Itself.