Kill the Ego – by Swami Chinmayananda

All the Shastras and scriptures unanimously declare that our enemy is the ego. The sorrows and sighs belong to the ego – phantom. Sublimate the ego in constant vichar. In your discrimination of the real and the unreal, the false ego dream ends. End the ego and end the woes. If the ego in you is the samsarin, if the ego in you is the tormentor, if the ego in you is the enemy, spy on him more closely and come to know who he is. Find out your enemy and drive him away.

This ego, in fact, is a myth, a non – entity, a dream, a phantom, a mere false shadow. All the sorrows belong to this shadow of your own reality, and in your own thoughtlessness you have surrendered yourselves to the endless tyranny of this shadow. End the shadow for ever.

Fall flat at the feet of the Lord in love and surrender. When the ego sense is offered at His lotus feet, the mortal limitations end and the bhakta who has done a full and complete atma – samarpan becomes God himself. Turn your gaze towards the light within. If you cannot all of a sudden do so, then do the easier act of self – surrender. Detach the mind from memories and hopes. Egolessness is the state of Godhood. Attain that supreme goal of life through knowledge and right living. Kill the tyrant within you and bring out the real Rama.