New Year Prayer – by Swami Chinmayananda

Beloved Lord ! You had, with infinite patience,
in your endless mercy, led us through a busy year,
giving certainly more than what we asked for,
and often even more than what we, perhaps, deserved.

We prostrate to you in humble reverence,
really aghast at your endless grace,
under which alone we could live all through the last year,
a fairly noble and moral life of service and satisfaction.
Lord ! with your help, may we live a nobler life of
greater undertakings in your seva, all through the coming year.

Let duty become touched with beauty,
all our obligations may, in your blessing, be turned
magically into opportunities. Teach us to fulfill our
duties with joy, nay, with pleasure.

May we bow down to others’ needs.
Let our ears be tuned to hear with love and concern the
silent cry of the needy.

Let us learn to accept kindness with humble joy.
Let us, during this year, learn to heal ourselves
of all our bleeding ulcers of misunderstanding,
jealousy and regrets that erupt from time to time in
our own hearts.

As this year ends, and the fresh year is being
welcomed, let peace and goodwill burst in our heart.

We shall sincerely strive, all through the year,
to serve your creatures,
but it is only in your grace shall they feel blessed,
by your splendour divine.