The March of the Youth – by Swami Chinmayananda

Against the disintegration, only the youth can save the country. If one Gandhi could inspire so many at that time, our CHYK members can inspire the youth. Living a life of self confidence and self respect, proud of their country, and prepared to work to rebuild it with heads held above the clouds and hands and legs ready to sacrifices and work, that is sufficient… Now, the question is who is to bell the cat?

At this moment when I look around, people are fanatical Hindus — they cannot do anything, or they have one – sided political views — they cannot save the country. Our simple CHYK members alone have the vision, the understanding and the readiness to make sacrifices if only they take it up. I am not asking you to do it because it is not a thing that I can ask you to do. I need not tell you that you should love your wife — how can I give you love for your wife? You have to discover love for your wife. It is very intimate; it must spring forth from yourself. Start thinking about it what can I give to my country? Don’t expect the leaders to do it. They released us from the shackles of the British and thereafter sat back to share the spoils and spoilt the whole nation.

In this chaotic madness, the saner youth is our CHYK and when you start marching in the right direction with the right inspiration in yourself, you shall find a long crowd behind you…..

Have a vast vision. Just look at what we have done in the last 35 years and where we have landed — even if you realise that, it is enough.

So, I want you children to rise above these limitations. See in one sweep the past, the present and the possible future. From the Himalayas to Cape Comorin, it is my country. Everyone is my brother, be he a Christian or a Muslim. In India, there are only two societies — those who were Hindus and those who are Hindus.

The Indian tradition is the Hindu Tradition because 82% of the populace are Hindus. If the Hindus rise, the country rises. The redemption of the Hindus is the redemption of the country; the strength of the Hindus is the strength of the country; the glory of the Hindus is the glory of the country. The politicians are responsible for the present state of drift and slime, but we are not going to spend time regretting it. We want to get out of it. You are responsible for the future of the country. I have said enough. The rest is for you to show in your actions.