To express our gratitude for the strength to have gone through the unprecedented pandemic times, and to pray for those who have a suffered as a result of pandemic – Dr. Shashi ji has taken a Sankalpa to perform 108 Guru Paduka Puja-s in the devotee’s homes. Please invite Pujya Gurudev to your home and help fulfill this Sankalpa for the benefit of our entire community.

These Pujas are performed on

  • Thursdays at 5 to 6 PM
  • Saturdays between 5:30 to 6:30 PM.

Please check the available dates for the month of Sept 2021 and signup below through SignupGenius.

If you have any questions, please contact Soumya directly at
Phone 978-590-2334

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Dr. Shashiji will bring Paduka-s and the plate in which the Abhishekam is performed.

Just as a Shiva Linga represents Siva, a Saligrama represents Vishnu, in the same way, the Padukas (sandals) of the teacher represent to the student not the sandals, but the concept behind. What we are invoking is Brahman, the Lord. But we cannot directly go to Him. We want a symbol. There is no symbol more sacred than the Padukas of the Teacher. We wash the Padukas and worship them, as though they are the Lord himself. We clean them with love, put sacred ash, adorn with sandal paste and do all that we do in a Puja at the temple; we worship the Padukas as though they are that Siva Linga or a Saligrama, invoking Him, the Ideal.

Puja preparation

  • A shrine to put Pujya Gurudev’s picture
  • Gurudev’s picture (Let us know if you don’t have one)
  • Flowers for Puja (Loose and a small garland)
  • Fruits for Puja & to distribute as Prasad to devotees attending the ceremony
  • Milk for Abhishekam
  • Lamps at the altar
  • Arati lamp and plate
  • Bell
  • Ganesha Vigraha (idol)
  • One steel vessel with water
  • Chandan (Sandalwood powder), Kumkum, Akshata (turmeric rice), Agarbatti, match box etc
  • Large plate for Paduka Abhishekam (washing Padukas)
  • Large plate for Padukas during Puja
  • Prasad
  • Two new small cotton towels (to wipe Padukas after Abhishekam)
  • Paper napkins

Host Responsibilities

  • Schedule /Participate in Guru Paduka Puja.
  • Invite family & friends.
  • Register for the Puja by through the Signup Genius button below.

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