Project Support Group

CMB – Project Support Group

Project Support Group is a volunteer member initiative that offers an empathic and non-judgemental outlet to members of the Chinmaya Community during times of duress such as physical illness and disability, family crises and deteriorated relationships, stress related to aging, loss, and isolation. It stems from an awareness that at times of unexpected and life-altering situations we may feel helpless or unsupported and turn to our spiritual family.

The goal of the Project is to guide members to access appropriate resources and services in order to move toward care and recovery.

This is NOT an emergency service but certainly can provide critical non-urgent guidance.

This is NOT a solution to any problem but can provide helpful direction and resources.

In line with the Mission’s beliefs of Unity with individual self-advancement, the Hardship Support Project holds as its ideal that through the connectivity of its community, without perceived barriers of any stigma and no bias of culture, its members will overcome obstacles and function at their strongest level
. We will review the model and utilization of the project with your feedback in time.

Volunteers will be present at the Mission on a rotational schedule on Wednesday evenings from 5:30-6:30 pm.

  • Dr. Shashikala Dwarkanath
  • Chand Bhan
  • Rekha Bhan
  • Ajita Bhat
  • Atul Bhat
  • Benita Handa
  • Sharda Kaul
  • Laxmi Ramesh
  • Abha Singhal
  • Harohalli Vijaykumar

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