Meditation—-You become what you meditate upon!!

Meditation, referred to as dhyana or nidhidhyasana, is an integral part of Santana dharma since
the beginning of time. Our great scriptures, the Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita talk about
meditation in great detail.

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad says, “ Atma va Are drshtavyaha”, To be able to see Atma means to
come to understand our true nature as that Atma, Supreme Truth, Eternal, Changeless,One
without a second.

To get there the path is prescribed as “srotavyah, mantavyah, nidhidhyasitavyah”. Gaining
knowledge of that Supreme Truth by listening to the words of the scriptures, reflecting and
gaining clarity, one then contemplates on that doubtless knowledge and gets established in
that wisdom.

Using the imagery of a sculpture one can see the result of meditation. In the eye of a sculptor,
within a large block of marble is the hidden possibility of a beautiful statue. Chipping way all
that is unnecessary, he reveals what was already there as that beautiful image of Lord!
Meditation enables us to move away from our strong identification with our perishing body,
changing mind and establish ourselves in our True identity.

When this wisdom is available to us at all times, our life will be one of joy, fearlessness and
strength. Clarity in thinking, ability to face challenges of life with equanimity and loving service
of all will be the result. To live with the vision of Oneness, in peace and harmony with all,
meditation is a must.


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