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Study Groups at CMB

You will find that you may have questions that remain unanswered about life or you may wish to expand on your current vedantic/spiritual knowledge. You may like and learn more from discussion based informal and small group settings. This is a chance for you to pursue your own study slowly and consistently by studying Vedantic texts. The study group is designed in such a setting to encourage any enthusiastic learner to further their knowledge and implement it in their lives to become more peaceful, and happy.
A Chinmaya study group is a group of five to fifteen people who meet once a week to discuss one of the textbooks of Vedanta. Study groups are led by experienced moderators who foster active discussion among the members. This moderator of the group assists individuals with their doubts about any aspect of the study group. The group reflects on the specific topic/book in order to gain a clear insight and understanding of the scriptural fundamentals, and also cultivates the art of communicating this scriptural knowledge to others. CMB has study groups located in different parts of the Boston area making it convenient for individuals to attend at least one study group as their time and location would allow. The study group is usually held at a home (now virtual) of one of the members of the study group.


  1. Who can join a study group and how much is the cost?
  2. Anyone older than 17 years of age who is interested in learning vedanta may join a study group. You need not have previous knowledge of vedanta. And even if you are not a member of the CM Boston but are curious, we encourage you to give it a sincere try. Some of these study groups are for people starting off new in the study of vedanta. Please check the information about study groups in the table and contact the moderator for more information. These study groups are free — no charge.

  3. How much commitment would I have to make?
  4. Initially you may start with some time allotment, then as you get interested in the study your time commitment is bound to increase especially when you notice the benefit of attending the study groups. It would be most beneficial to you if you allot time to attend classes regularly.

  5. Do I have to know Sanskrit?
  6. Knowledge of Sanskrit is not mandatory. If you understand Sanskrit, it is advantageous since all the scriptures are in that language. But the group moderator might use some Sanskrit words to explain and elucidate the text. All chanting in the class will be done in Sanskrit, since they are readings from the original text, which is in Sanskrit. In addition, the meaning of the chanting is explained while discussing.

  7. Can I join after the study group has already started studying several verses of the text?
  8. Yes, you can. You may have to read to come up to speed with the rest of the members of the group, so that you understand what is discussed in the study group. The moderator will always help if you have any questions. Please consult your moderator about it.

  9. Who appoints the moderator?
  10. Chinmaya Mission has a number of individuals who have been trained to conduct study groups. Depending on many factors of convenience and availability one of these members have been requested to become the moderator.

Please write to CMB Study Groups for additional information or to join a study group.

DayTimeTextModerator Location
(when in-person)
Sunday 6.00PM - 7.00PMBhagavad GitaDr. Shashikala DwarakanathArlington
Sunday 8.00PM - 9.00PMAtmabodhaPadmini NarayanActon
Tuesday9.00PM - 9.45PMUpadesa SaraAjita BhatAndover
Thursday(Alternate)7.30AM - 9.00AMBhagavad GitaRabi BhattacharjeeOnline
Saturday8:00AM - 9:30AMUpadesa SaraMarline SusairajWestboro
Saturday8.00PM - 9.00PMHe did it - Swami Chinmayananda,
A legacy
Marline SusairajWestboro
Sunday (monthly)**6.00PM - 7.00PMGetting out of the box - living a whole life
(Mananam Series)
Ameya Madduri
(CHYK/CSK Class)

** CHYK Class (For ages 18-30)

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