Balavihar Languages

We offer our members an opportunity to learn Indian languages as part of their membership. Language classes are offered both in the Andover and Westborough centers. Classes are conducted between 10:45 AM – 11.35 AM, on Sundays in Andover. Westborough language lessons are conducted from 2.30 PM – 3.20 PM on Sundays before the Bala Vihar classes.
Our Language classes coordinator is : Badhri Uppiliappan ji, Click here to email.
Please see below for details on our various language programs offered. You can download the curriculum from the link on the right of this page.

Language Levels and Details
* Beginner I
* Intermediate I
* Intermediate II
* Advanced
Parents can sign up for the class they think their child is ready. Teachers will evaluate children in first two weeks and will assign the appropriate class. The classes are divided based on their skills, not age.
Gujarati* Recognize & say the sounds of Gujarati alphabet
* Count numbers from one to twenty
* Learn days of the week.
* Build word vocabulary
* Learn to speak simple sentences.
Kannada* Beginner – Level 1
* Intermediate – Level 2
Marathi* Learning literature/speaking – Module 1 (September to December)
* Learning literature/speaking – Module 2 (January to April)
* Revision of Modules 1 and 2 will be done from May to June
Sanskrit* Beginner – Level 1
* Intermediate – Level 2
* Advanced – Level 3
Tamil* Beginner – Level 1
* Intermediate – Level 2
* Advanced – Level 3
TeluguThere are 4 academic levels in Telugu class (kids are divided based on their skills , not by their age)

Each level contains the following things:
● singing songs 10 mins (same for all levels)
● academic learning 30 mins
● audio visual learning 10 mins (same for all levels)