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CORD – Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development

CORD is a bond of love and understanding encouraging a process of sharing which enriches both the giver and the receiver. In this process of giving and serving, the giver grows spiritually and the receiver is blessed with the power of transformation.
– Swami Tejomayananda (World wide Head of Chinmaya Mission)

CORD (Chinmaya Organisation for Rural Development) is the service wing of Chinmaya Mission and operates as a Trust and NGO. It has been active in the field of holistic rural development for over two decades.

CORDUSA (Chinmaya Organization for Rehabilitation & Development by Undertaking Sustainable Activities) is a secular, non-profit that aims to help communities create a sustainable program to aid in their holistic welfare. CORD USA serves humanity regardless of race, religion, color, gender or nationality. We strive to facilitate integrated, sustainable social help programs in local communities and in the Indian subcontinent through processes of self-empowerment and enrichment.

A weakness is always a weakness and no seeker has the right to perpetuate it. No instruction should entertain the audacity to argue for it.

- Swami Chinmayananda

Leave aside your regrets of the past and anxieties of the future and focus intelligently on the present.
This is the best way of ensuring a positive future.

- Swami Chinmayananda

Grief and dejection are the price that delusion demands from its victim, Man.

- Swami Chinmayananda

What we have is a gift from Him. What we do with what we have is our gift to him.